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imi is a patented innovative surface material developed in 2000 by H. Schubert GmbH, headquartered in Wettringen, Klein- Haddorf, founded in 1947. Over the years, the patented material has been further developed, and since 2007, unique versions of imi products have been produced with the appearance of corten steel, old wood, stone, metal, and asphalt besides concrete. Offering surfaces that are very suitable for walls, ceilings, floors or furniture, and interior design, imi products have a wide range of
uses such as trade fairs, store decorations, kitchens and bathrooms, hotels, and restaurants. Since imi is a flexible and lightweight composite material, it is also in high demand in shipbuilding, gardens, and parks. It is used in a wide range from small details such as profiles or logos to facade cladding. High- quality unique pieces in the furniture field create visual accents and fit perfectly into any overall concept.
imi surface design - patented composite material
contemporary - modern
industrial - robust
noble - valuable
lifelike - stylish
down to earth
light as a feather