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Thicknesses and dimensions for BLACK and GREY colours: Thicknesses (mm): 8 | 10 | 12 | 16 | 19 | 22 | 25 | 28 | 32 Dimensions (mm): 2600 x 1250 | 3000 x 1250 and others under consulting Thicknesses and dimensions for WHITE | SOIL | YELLOW | RED colours: Thicknesses (mm): 12 | 16 * Dimensions (mm): 2600 x 1250 or others under consulting
Viroc® Cement Bonded Particle Board is a composite material, composed by a compressed and dry mixture of pine wood particles and cement.It combines the flexibility and durability of wood with the strength of cement, allowing a large range of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Viroc fiber cement presents a non- homogeneous appearance, a product natural feature. Once calibrated, presents visible wood particles on the surface. A natural feature of the Viroc fiber cement panels is the tone difference on its surface. They are widely used as exterior cladding and do not require maintenance. The most important feature of VIROC fiber
cement sheets is that they are colour – through. Not only the surfaces of the panels but the cores are produced in colour. Therefore, the panels are also called “dyed- trough” or “colour- through” panels. Composite cement panels with exposed concrete appearance each have a unique appearance. Viroc fiber cement sheets can be used as a whole or can be applied by cutting to the desired size. Relief patterns can be given on the panels with CNC machine and also can be used for decorative purposes in interior wall covering by digital printing.Viroc fiber cement panels are used as digital print wall covering in Starbucks Coffee branches.
Facade claddings / Interior wall claddings / Floor coverings / Ceiling cladding / Suspended ceilings / Acoustic claddings / Jambs and balconies / Garden walls / Siding cladding / Under- eaves and eaves facade cladding / Interior decorative cladding material / Decoration / interior design / Roof coverings / Sub support element for roofing materials / Furniture / Garden furniture / Prefabricated buildings / Prefabricated pool walls / Door / Kitchen countertops / Stair covering / Bathroom counter and cabinet / City furniture / Exhibition stands / Artwork / Material for wet areas / Sandwich panel partition wall elements / storey line in multi-storey structures / Jambs on doors and windows on exterior walls / Siding applications / Showcase designs / Billboards / Support element under flooring materials / Inter-floor flooring material in multi-storey prefabricated buildings / Sub-ceramic floor material in wet areas / Concrete formwork material / Sandwich panel with various insulation materials
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Non Toxic : Does not contain dangerous volatile compounds and is free of silica, asbestos and formaldehyde.
Sound Insulation : It has good sound insulation properties due to its high weight. The sound insulation index varies according to board thickness. Airborne sound resistance is 31 or 37 dB depending on whether board thickness is 8mm or 22mm, respectively.
Fire Retardant : It prevents the spread of fire. According to the ignitability test conducted, it is classified as B-s1, d0 in accordance with EN 13501.
Insect Resistant : It will not degrade with the action of living organisms such as fungi, termites, or any kind of insects.
Thermal Insulation : It has good thermal resistance properties, meaning that it can function as insulation in both cold and hot temperatures.
Moisture Resistant : Under the action of water it does not disaggregate. It is a material that is impermeable to water and also resistant to water vapour.
Weight Resistant : The board has a bending strength that enables it to be used as a resistant structural element. Therefore, it is used in flooring and as roof support. The characteristic breaking strength on bending is 10.5 N/mm2 with an elasticity modulus of 6000 N/mm2.
Easy Installation : It can be cut, drilled and sanded. The tools and fastening systems used for Viroc boards are identical to those used with wood.
Viroc is manufactured as a non-homogeneous material, with a standard ‘rough’ finish that may present some shades due to the composition of cement porosity and salts. Usually these shades run in lengthways and sometimes appear as ‘lines’, the directions as a result of the production line up. A natural occurrence on the panel’s surface that may be more pronounced in some productions than others due to properties of the raw materials. In most cases this natural look or manufactured condition is what makes the material attractive in the first place. If required, the ‘lines’ or shades can be smoothed by “polishing” the panel surface but it will never disappear 100%. To polish the panel surface it’s recommended to use a polishing disk (“scotch brite”) or sanding disk of 180gr minimum. This procedure will remove the superficial cement salts and will homogenise the panel surface, smoothing out the natural shades. Where required, a process undertaken at the factory.